Human Anatomy & Physiology

Purpose of this site is to access class notes and/or handouts. Notes will be updated when time permits.
This source is for you to use to obtain notes missed during class, labs, or due to an absence

Course Descriptions: Learning Standards- I.1, I.2, C.2, R.2, R.3

A year-long course that will include a review of chemical, cellular and tissue organization, as well as, an extensive study of all body systems. Dissections will be done throughout the year. Students should take this course (honors A&P) prior to or concurrently with enrollment to AP Biology

Class Content

Chapter 1: Introduction to A & P
Chapter 2: Chemistry
Chapter 3: Cell Structure and Function
Chapter 4: Tissues
Chapter 5: Integumentary System
Chapter 6: Skeletal System
Chapter 7: Muscular System
Chapter 8: Central Nervous System
Chapter 9 & 10: Peripheral Nervous System and Senses
Chapters 12-14, 16: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

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